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**Love Commands Affiliate Contest**

(Dates March 22-29)

Have you ever held a wad of cash so fat in your pocket, that it became uncomfortable to walk, move, or even sit down?

It might sound kind of funny or maybe even a bit nutty, but not too long ago I had a secret (rather ‘incognito’) affiliate approach me and ask me if my products were going to give him that nice “padded pocket feeling”.

Usually when a ‘new guy’ comes into the picture I either get the “silent but deadly type”- the guys who come in secretly in the night, mail, and decide if it’s worth it.

Or I get the ‘techy detailed’ types- who want to see all of the numbers, the sequences, and the screenshots.

But this secret newcomer only had ONE simple question for me-

“Where’s the golden goose egg?”

“Huh?”- I found myself a bit shocked.

But he clarified- “I want my pockets to be so fat by the end of the day that they rip if I sit down. Which one of your products is going to do that for me?”

I won’t lie- a sharp grin smeared across my face at this question.

Barely able to contain my near excited laughter at the insanity of it, as

I quickly replied:

“All of my ships are filled to the brim with gold”, and I secretly felt giddy inside like a rich kid about to open up his giant “toy room” to his unknowing friend. 

I cunningly imagined that it must have been like CHRISTMAS TIME to this guy as I showered him the numbers, and displayed my ever growing fleet of little and big “money arsenals”.

I got a few padded “ooo’s” and “aah’s” from this guy initially as I showed him the world on my magical carpet ride of product insanity- but this guy wasn’t as concerned with how it looked as he was with how it was going to PERFORM.

“Let me do a test run on these. Keep your eyes peeled my I.D.” he said.

Naturally I kept a lookout for his sales- and quickly found it wasn’t hard to keep my eyes peeled. HECK, I practically had them glued to the screen as this guy shockingly sent in an insane amount of sales in only a short amount of time.

“Dude- this is… this is crazy!”- was the first email response he sent me.

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”, he excitedly announced in his follow up.

“I am literally crying on my end, this is insane! It just keeps going …I am refreshing and it keeps coming in!”, he cried out, barely able to express or even contain his sheer delight.

Now I won’t be able to tell you exactly how fat this guys’ pockets became- this affiliate loves his privacy- but I am able to tell you that he had to buy a few more pairs of jeans, and the closet to put them in, to hold it all.

This strange guy has gone on to become one of my best secret little affiliates, and he still promotes me to this day.


I am sure you must be wondering what my point is in telling you a story like this is?

Well the truth is, this guy is actually the same guy as many of you.

Many of you, like him, have seen it for yourself.

Many of you have built small fortunes getting on board with my past launches, and many of you even still, have built even larger fortunes after with your follow-up series.

There is no skepticism here, there are no games, there’s no phony sales flattery- the absolute truth is, my stuff sells for you, and it sells HARD.

At this point it’s almost a no-brainer- I build my products to be sustained, and I build them to make YOU a lot of money- and the biggest fact of this reality is this:

I can talk numbers and show you how great it all is, but the biggest way to show you how truly powerful it all is, is to have you get out there, test, and then BLAST HARD.

I know that you guys are the gears that keep everything running. I know that you guys have families, and goals, and needs- and I take a great pride in having each and every one of you on board to help you fulfill those things.

It brings me great pleasure when someone comes into the mix asking me which programs will make them the most money, and I KNOW that I can share a wealth of courses with this person, and ALL of them will do that for them.

This time, it is NO different. In fact, this time, it’s even MORE true- because I have worked this golden little beast you are about to see right raw to the bone, and built it back up flesh and all to be able to DO what you need it to do.



Here’s the part you’re going to want to pay attention to now…


It is my pleasure to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH date of my newest little GOLDEN GOOSE- “LOVE COMMANDS”

The GOLDEN GOOSE has hatched, flown the coop- and NOW she’s going to be laying the FATTEST LITTLE CASH EGGS for you.

Starting March 22nd, at 12 AM MDT (Clickbank time), you’ll be able to open your eyes wide with excitement, as the Love Commands CONTEST officially opens.

So how fat are your pockets going to be lined?

Here’s the part I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for, just to tell you….

In a recent SINGLE test mailing, one of my affiliates pulled in a whopping $19,000+

That’s ONE mailing, for ONE guy- a fat $19,000- and naturally this affiliate did tell me that this is one of the BEST mailings he’s done in a LONG while!

So what were his conversion rates like?

They started off at 7% front end conversion and finally settled into an almost 6% on the second day.

That’s not even the best part- wait till you see his EPC’s….

The best part is that this affiliate saw an EPC of $3.58 on his buyers list.

Here is proof- >>SEE SCREENSHOTS HERE<<

Getting a high converting offer nowadays is as like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. In short, it's pretty DARN HARD- but even so- the Love Commands program has a few tricks up its sleeves for you.



The market has been dry and mostly quiet for the past few months. BUYERS are hungry for something new- something fresh to soothe their aches and pains.

The market is responsive and is looking for something DIFFERENT- something they haven’t seen before, and this is IT.



The Book That Almost Took 40 Years To Write-

I won’t lie, this is a course that took almost 40 years to make- ALMOST that is…

Lots of things went down this past year- I won’t bore you with the details- but it wasn’t pretty. Lots of delays, lots of disappointments that had to be reworked- and quite a few VSL’s scrapped somewhere in the middle.

…I even held a mini-funeral for a few of my little babies who just weren’t going to fly high enough for my fleet of amazing affiliates and partners.

But I can proudly say now, that this is something unlike what your audience will have experienced before.

This course is a whopping 450 pages of sheer intensity. Just ONE chapter of this program alone, contains more insight, more approaches and techniques, and more POWER than an ENTIRE past course of mine.

I’ve listened hard to my audiences, and I know you guys have been listening to yours too. I know they are looking to dig deeper, and I have heard their call.

This is the most INSANELY brilliant program I have ever created to date, and it nearly took what felt like 40 years to create, but she’s here, she’s big, she’s beautiful- and she’s delivering HARD for your audience.

Creating The Most Tempting Offer Ever…

In addition to this I have added the MOST bonuses EVER for audiences to make this the most tempting and absolutely amazing offer that they can ever dream to get their hands on…

And the best part?

They actually get even MORE complimentary bonuses after for taking the offer- a nice little surprise for your audience.


New Mouth Watering Upsells & Better Back End Funnels Means More $$$$$ For You…

           If you didn’t know this yet about any of my offers- you will soon….

My backend upsell funnel- to put it bluntly- is going to make you almost insanely laugh in your seat like a maniacal rich guy, as the money pours into your account like wine into your cup.

It’s bigger- it’s better- and there’s more than there’s ever been before for your audience to drool over, and it’s all there waiting JUST FOR THEM.

And the best part?

You get a cut of this beautiful cake. You get to reap the rewards here too.

The uptake rate is phenomenal, as has come to be expected with any of my programs- and it means that you may just end up making 2x, 3x, or even 4X+ the amount you thought you’d make.

Alright, now you're probably thinking,

Now That My Mouth Is Watering…

…And I’m On the edge of my seat wondering…

….When are you going to tell me about the Contest Details?

Alas, my excited friend, I was just about to jump into the juiciest bit here….


Contest Dates:
March 22nd, 2017

March 29th, 2017 (All sales on the 29th count too)

8 FULL Days To WIN EXTRA $$$$$$$...

Which brings me to the BEST part….
Here’s the contest bonuses that are up for grabs:



1st Prize: $1,500 – Reserved For the “Ultimate Marketing KING”
-The ultimate ruler of the TOP of the GAME-

2nd Prize: $1,000 – Reserved For The “Heavy-Weight Battler”
A.K.A. the one not to be underestimated!

3rd Prize: $750 – Reserved For The “Power-Player”
-The smart player who reaches high above the clouds-


Now I know that EACH AND EVERY ONE of you is going to FIGHT to stick your glorious names in these top 3 spots!

I KNOW that some of you will put on one heck of a fight, throwing in all that you’ve got and more.

I know that some of you were BORN to rest up in these 3 insanely powerful top positions, but I also know that some of you have secretly been working on your inner marketing beasts, and you’ve just been waiting for an opportunity like this to let it out of the bag…

But wherever you stand- KNOW THIS- CLIMB HARD, and don’t look back down and worry you haven’t gone far enough yet. ONLY look up, and ONLY CLIMB for those top 3 spots.

Blast your brilliance over to your lists- rally your audience behind you.

Make your glorious banners, or use the tools I’ve set out before you. Target your audiences, campaign like a girl guide for that big beautiful trophy.

Do what needs to be done, and I promise you will get where you need to be going. But remember this rule: STAY CONSISTENT.

The people who earn the most from my contests, not only DURING but also AFTER are the ones who stay consistent.

The ones who consistently pluck away at their funnels, or consistently add in, or consistently build lists, or consistently advertise etc….

The key is that no matter what you are doing, if you stay consistent in it, and continue to build in it- it will bring a return.

Now I have optimized this program to bring you the biggest return that is out there right now- it’s up to you to grab that return and OWN it like you were MADE for it… because you ARE.


And remember this important RULE-
The most consistent affiliates are ALWAYS the ones who get the biggest chunks of fat juicy cash…

I’ve held many contests before, and it’s NEVER written in stone who gets to keep the top titles. That’s because it’s all about the consistency, again.

I’ve seen many amazing and absolutely brilliant underdogs climb ranks like you wouldn’t believe, many of them coming from all kinds of backgrounds and fighting off all kinds of adversity therein too.

They climb because they consistently claw and even bite their way right up to the top if they need to.

Now even if you’re not a huge entity, and you’re an up and coming superstar, I want you to remember the above rule as you enter into this contest, and as you take on this program. There’s a lot in here for you to take- it’s all up for grabs.

You need only reach out and take it.

Keeping that in mind, I’m opening up a 2nd tier of prizes for ANYONE who wants to try and GRAB those 3 big titles- I can only give it to 3 people… but there’s lots of you in this contest.

So I want to make sure that there’s enough juicy glory to go around for all of you guys who are going to be putting on your BEAST-MODES.
With that in mind, here is the 2nd tier of contest prizes to be won…

2nd Tier Contest Prizes:

4th Place: $600–Reserved For The “TIGER”
-Fierce And TRUE-

5th Place: $500 – Reserved For The “Challenger”
-Hard Hitting & Resilient-

6th Place: $400–Reserved ForThe “BOSS”
-Leading and Inspiring-

7th Place: $300–Reserved ForThe“Racer”
-Fueled & Fiery Gutted –

8th Place: $250–Reserved ForThe “Hunter”
-A Natural Chaser & Patient Adversary-

9th Place: $200–Reserved ForThe “Upcoming Underdog”
-The One Who REFUSES To Stay Down-

10th Place: $150–Reserved ForThe “Placeholder”
-Firm And Grounded-

And you can see the 11th till the 20th position prizes below...

Now I know that some of you are MIGHTY hungry for some fat wads of delicious cash, and I’d love to puff out your pockets till they break through the seams…

So here’s the deal…

If you show me just how hungry you are for it…
-And I mean FIERCELY hungry-

I *might* just be motivated to add in a few extra
delicious door crashers, and prizes.

But the deal is, I have to not only SEE it…

I’ve got to be able to literally TASTE your desire, and feel your tummy rumbling with fierce determination to eat up this contest like no tomorrow…

And I PROMISE you, if I see it…

- no matter where you are on the contest rankings each day-
if I catch you guys really going hard, ballin’ like Lebron- throwing it all in (except the towel), and breaking into your insane BEASTMODES…

Then I WILL add in some extra contest goodies for you guys.

In fact, let me do something for you right now. You don't have to send in a truck load of sales to win something here. Even if you can send in 1 sale, you can win something very big.

Here is what I mean...

Every sale counts and this is why we have a raffle prize as well. At the end of the contest, we will use random.org and choose 3 random numbers.

If the number which comes up, happens to be your sale number, then you will win $100. So 3 lucky affiliates have a chance to win $100.

Now that I am sure you’re excited, and on the edge of your seat, with your mind racing like a stallion in an open field- there’s a few things I need to give you to help you get ready to blast your way into the contest rankings.

Below you will find the glorious affiliate promotions page, where I have laid out some of my juiciest headlines, most absurdly effect swipes, delicious articles, and eye-catching banners.

Just click on the links at the very top of this page for affiliate tools.


I’ve added in more banners this time around, more articles and free content, as well as some pretty intense email swipes.

You can generate your HopLink, and tracking links on the affiliate page above as well.

The contest is only a few days away, but I can hear your rumbling brilliance firing up, getting ready to explode into this contest.

I will be watching for each and every one of you- and I will be following this contest closely to see if I need to bring out my BONUS ROUND REWARDS…

I am looking forward to seeing you guys push back and fight for these extra goodies, and I’ll have my eyes peeled better than a potato in a boiling pot.

Get yourself ready because if you've promoted Obsession Phrases, Lovetraction Lines, or any of my other offersin the past, then be totally assured that this one is ripe and ready to squeeze its delicious money juice right into your cup.

Rev Up Your Engines, Warriors;
I'll see you soon.

P.S Keep an eye out for the CONTEST RANKING emails, to watch the beautiful explosion of true marketing mastery unfold.

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